Monday, December 8, 2008

Lost a dear friend yesterday

What a difference a day makes. Saturday at work was all good and we were all joking around and talking about Christmas trees and gifts and stuff, and then I come in to work Sunday night to find that one of my coworkers, one I worked with at the front desk, had passed away in her sleep Sunday morning.

I just stood there, in shock, with tears streaming down my face. My mind could not wrap itself around the words I had been told. It still can't.

Kim was a vibrant woman with a loving husband and family, including an 18 month old son. She was only 41, how could this happen?? She was still young.

She was always joking with our guests, making them feel better after a long day on the road or in the air. She always knew just what to say. She never said no to any guest request, and went out of her way to fulfill the guest's request.

Her faith was strong, as was her family's, so at least they have that comfort of knowing they will be together again someday.

All I know is that this Christmas season has suddenly become a lot less joyful.

Kim, I love you and will miss you dearly!!!

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